The familygrau

The apple doesn't fall far from the trunk - since the sixth generation is this proverb important for Oehler. The concern went from the father to the son. This is the dream nearly every enterprise - if artisan or entrepreneur - that the walk of live still is important and that with the help of descendants.


With a cheap deal started the young master Christian David Oehler the first chapter the family history more than 185 years ago:


1823 offered a window for pretty low money her hut and her tool. It was a enticed offer and the ambitious master used it.

He leaded the eterprice in Marbach 45 years long. In the age of 70- it was the year 1868- he gave the undertaking to his son. 1888 did the third Christian David Oehler the job of his ancestors.


1930 did Eugen Oehler the job in the fourth generation This son was a worthy descendant too. He saved the sutomers with introduction of a new procedure called chromgerbung.


In that way characterized Eugen Oehler 1940 the success of his firm and fixed the job of his both sons, Manfred and Ernst- Eugen. They started the direction with nearly 20 years in 1957.


For the sixth generation with the leading of Uwe Oehler is it the grandfather who made the enthusiasm for the work. The latest shoot of the tanner family completes traditionally a tanner teaching in the eighties to continue the family inheritance today. The junior manger is his own customer at least indirect. His shoe cupboard is very well filled but not only with shoes made of Oehler leather