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A number to big at trousers or jackets not more than one outrage for the purse because they get stuck newly in the cupboard. Shoes however connect man with the earth. And is said to go on badly sedentary shoes by the life for the strap: Pains push, pinch. Sculpture at the feet even provides foul-smelling sweat. Who could afford a right footwear in the last century completely received neat piece of work of leather. Leather run fire and deck soles, sewn instead of stuck, shoes looked in the 19th century so.


And was clear at that time: Shoes aren't a way throwing item, they must hold out for years. The shoemakers appreciated good sole, things and pale leather as they could purchase it with Christian David Oehler. The tannery Oehler became a sought-after address for master craftspersons in Marbach and surroundings quickly. Good quality got round: Oehler fed the fairs of Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Heilbronn and Ulm soon.


There are people also today, the kind only one or two couples purchase high-quality shoes instead of buying cheap shoes for the same amount five couples. Who does leather shoes for 50 euro purchase, can't expect that much care was put into the processing of the animal skin? Dangerous tanning substances, inferior colors and a too fast drying are often characteristics for poor quality. For first-class shoes only the best raw material, however, is good enough - as the high-quality suede out of the house Oehler. The customers don't come province the seat of well known shoe producers from the Swabian but principal from the Italian today any more. And who stands on shoes knows: What is manufactured in small towns like Montecosaro or Communanza made of leather is anything but provincial.