The employeesgrau

For lazy skilled workers the tanner skilled crafts aren't the right one. The tanners still stand, to also paint round-the-clock in loincloths and wooden shoes on the tanner tree fair times one hundred years ago for at least twelve hours. A hard bread is the trade -- after all, there is to eat much. And despite all drudgery the guild of the red tanners belongs to the most distinguished skilled crafts professions.

Company founder Christian David Oehler even takes it to the top guild master after 1840. Two skilled workers and two apprentices find work in his young business also later than the industrialization is already well under way and thousands get unemployed of skilled crafts skilled workers. Master Oehler - traditional in a yellow apron with a green ribbon is always in the workshop.


It isn't only considered good form in the last century, it is a matter of course around experiences to collect that freshly baked skilled workers go on travels. And, today, the guild cultivates the good custom again: Young tanners are popular workers and are recruited by great tanneries in Asia or South America. Because the choice of occupation is quite exotic by now. Only 50 to 60 graduates leave only tanner school in Reutlingen with an excellent education and attractive job offers in the bag every two years of Germany.


Who at Oehler in Marbach accepts a place, a business with most modern technology in which more than 182 years old tradition is cultivated at the same time expects this one. 45 employees are employed in the enterprise today and the family history of the Oehlers recurs with the staff. Many a tanner already has tumbled under Eugen Oehler and the father or even the grandfather stood made a mess at others at Oehler in pay and bread. And it also shall go on so because the tanner profession isn't ripe for the museum yet by far.