About usgrau

Since being founded 1823, the tannery located in Marbach am Neckar, Germany, is owned by the Oehler family. It has been and is still one of the leading German leather manufacturers, specialising in suede (especially calfskin) with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.4 mm. Our international clientele mainly comes from the shoes and accessories branches.

It has always been the combination of tradition and progress, of entrepreneurial spirit and sense of family, of down-to-earthness and international focus that has kept our family business going in an industry in which between 1920 and today 95 % of all German manufacturers have vanished.

We process cow, calf and kangaroo leather for shoe and bag production as well as for clothes and furniture. For some years now, we have been showcasing selected bags and shoes in our factory outlet store in Marbach am Neckar.

In 2008 we widened our product range by including STL high-delay straps, taking over Süddeutsche Textilleder GmbH and have been a reliable partner of the spinning mill industry since then.