The futuregrau

Because for manufacturers of endeavour fashion is Oehler a very first address. This is used for endeavour fashion traditionally as a producer of suede, Oehler profits from the boom of the Bavarian dress overseas within the last years.

The buyers of Sepplhose and endeavour Tyrolean jackets always more frequently come from Japan and the USA. The market for leather clothes has lost meaning in Germany. This was still a domain of the German leather manufacturers in the fifties. Oehler noticed the change on time and resorted to the production of shoe leather. A well-known area for the tanners from Marbach, because shoemakers were the first customers of Oehler. This balance between tradition and market orientation is the base for the success of the enterprise at the location Germany today.


A high degree of manual knowledge and claim to the quality sets themselves from the management away up to the employees. Occupied Oehler with her specialization on suede for shoes and accessories successful a niche. And there isn't any alternative to genuine leather just anyway.